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 Eco-Divers, PADI 5 Star Dive Centre S-6783 and Go Eco Operator

Our philosophy is Let’s Preserve Our Water Planet for all future generations.  Never touch, collect and least of all, step on coral.  “Take only photographs, leave only bubbles. We owe it to future generations to enjoy our marine heritage beneath the waves.”

Since May 2005, we have been operating out of our new centre right next to the Air Batang (or ABC) jetty. The old centre on Tekek had to be closed as the land was compulsorily acquired (sigh) for the construction of a Marina.  

At ABC, the atmosphere is truly relaxed and laid back and you will feel right at home. There are restaurants and places nearby where you can sit back and enjoy Tioman's glorious sunsets. 

There is a coral reef right in front of the Centre where we encounter turtles, blue-spotted stingrays, schools of razorfish, reef cuttlefish, octopus and bamboo sharks on night dives with the occassional black tip doing a cruise-by. On other occassions, we have also seen massive bumphead parrotfish, seahorses, frogfish and even a mimic octopus!

Divers, a professional Instructor or Divemaster will guide you on all your dives. Our gear is serviced and in good working order for your comfort, safety and enjoyment. Our boats are ready to ’s whisk you to Tioman's best sites of coral reefs and wrecks. We run 3 boats now. One larger speedboat, Eco One that can carry 6 to 8 divers, a smaller and our first speedboat, Neptune-7 can carry up to 6 divers and a larger wooden boat, Eco Two to take you to the further sites more comfortably. Rest assured you will not get lost in a crowd of other divers. Our service is warm and personal, the way we would want it to be if we were diving someplace else. Still, should you be planning a trip for a bigger group, like a dive club, we can organise bigger boats as well. Our daily dive schedule is flexible and we normally run up to three dives in a day plus a night dive. We have 100% oxygen at our centre. The closest Hyperbaric Chamber is less than an hour away by emergency evacuation in Kuantan or Singapore though cases of decompression illness are far and few between. We've known of none in the years we have been on Tioman for divers doing rercreational dives or training as opposed to technical diving.

Our Open Water Classes are also tailored for small groups, rarely exceeding four per class so students get more personalized attention needed to make safer and more conscientious scuba divers. The House Reef is excellent for training and we have a proper classroom with audio visual learning aids.


Tioman has since been declared a duty free island which equates to cheap alcohol and tobacco, amongst other things. Air Batang is the next ferry stop after Tekek, the main village. It is a stretch with no cars and is about a 30 minute walk from end to end, passing different restaurants, chalet operations, a bar, some little shops, internet, a Do-It-Yourself batik stall, bicycle rental places, books swaps and kampung houses lived in by the local population. It is a small and friendly place, no loud party scene and folks mostly chill out at the restaurants in the evenings and chat over dinner and drinks. A 10 minute walk over a headland on the south side of ABC will take you to the Marine Park Headquaters which offers some good snorkelling and Ari's the neighbourhood "bar" opens sometimes will the wee hours and organises the occassional full moon party. 

OTHER THINGS TO DO... Visit the main village of Tioman where the airport, medical centre and local schools are located.

There is also a small museum, a licensed moneychanger and a hairdresser. Take a walk or hop on a village van to the Berjaya Resort for a lookaround. Also, watch out for the island's many shy monitor lizards (some as long as two metres) in the little rivers and streams and so many monkeys you will loose count. 

There are a few duty free stores selling tobacco, alcohol and chocolates and souvenir shops as well selling some beautiful batik sarongs, local handicraft and all forms of gifts for family and friends back home.
TREK TO JUARA... Take a 3 hour walk cross island on a mapped path (no guide needed) through one of the oldest most preserved rainforests in South East Asia. You can see trees with trunks so large, you will need the armspan of 3 or 4 or to hug it! Remember bring lots if water.

MUKUT WATERFALL - Charter a boat to visit the waterfall on the south of the island below the twin peaks of Tioman, the legendary Dragon's Horns. 



September 2001 - Several of our divers and students participated in a Beach Clean-Up of Kador Bay on neighbouring Tulai Island in between dives. 

It was a successful programme and we filled many, many, many garbage bags. It was funny to find so many rubber slippers swept up from the sea. 

All those taking part received PADI Project AWARE (Aquatic World Awareness, Responsibility and Education) Certificates of Recognition for their efforts. Thanks, guys!!!


August 2002 - Expedition Crown of Thorns Tioman 2002. In collaboration with the Malaysian Fisheries Department and the Marine Parks Authority and 7 other dive centres, we collected a total of 1,585 Crown of Thorns over a 2 day period. The Crown of Thorns Starfish is a natural inhabitant of coral reefs throughout the Indo Pacific region but when there are too many, they can cause great damage to the reef as they are vorarious coral-eaters and each starfish can consume between 5 to 13 square metres of coral per year. Some parts of the Australian Great Barrier Reef have suffered much damage from an outbreak of these starfish. Again, we thank our divers and students who were involved in this project.  

April 2003 - We are fully sanctioned as a PADI Dive Centre, meeting all requirements for membership as established by PADI.

May 2003 - Our second speedboat, Eco-One is now ready to carry you safely to the dive sites. A 27 footer fibreglass boat and powered by a Yamaha 200 horsepowered engine, she can seat up to 8 divers comfortably.  

June 2005 - We have acquired a converted fishing boat that takes a little longer to the dive sites but means there is more room to move about and lounge in the sun..  

15th June 2005 - Eco-Divers is awarded the PADI Certificate of Recognition for Excellence for outstanding customer service and professionalism in PADI scuba instruction by PADI Vice President, Henrik Nimb.  

19th October 2006 - Certified and registered as a PADI GO ECO OPERATOR - We are committed to environmentally responsible business practices and to providing our customers with dive experiences that enhance visitor awareness of our local aquatic environment.  

2007 - Achieves PADI 5 STAR DIVE CENTRE STATUS and thus recognised for maintaining high standards of training and customer service.  

2010 - Sets up retail arm at Summit USJ, a mall in the suburb of Subang Jaya, 30 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Selling Mares, Dive Rite and Sherwood dive gear primarily plus accessories, gadgets and Suunto dive computers..  

2011 - MACRO MADNESS - Finding incredible macro life just on our HOUSE REEF right in front of the dive centre. Juvenille TIGER SHRIMP, PAINTED FROGFISH, EVEN A BLUE RING OCTOPUS!!! What are you waiting for, grab your cameras and come over!!  

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