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School of batfish above the Sawadee wrecks Lovely blue spotted fan tailed stingray Black tip reef shark at Renggis Island... harmless..
Chelidonura amoena from Pirate Reef The inteligent Reef Cuttlefish Endangered Giant Clam, Tekek House Reef
Flabellina (Nudibranch) on a wall at Soyak Island One of Renggis' resident Hawksbill Turtles This lovely slug resembling a rose found off Tom Yam wreck off our House Reef
Nembrotha kurbayana (nudibranch) feeding at Soyak Fiery Lionfish resident at Pulau Tumuk   Jellyfish with baby jacks, Marine Park Headquarters
Chromodoris magnifica (nudibranch) a joy to find Spot face Moray sitting in a crack of the Pirate Wreck Magnificent Anemone housing shy anemonefish, House Reef
Nembrotha kurbayana (nudibranch) with stripes not the more common spots at Soyak House Reef's Razorfish or Shrimpfish taken on a night dive Risbecia tryoni mating (nudibranch)
Bent Stick Pipefish resemble twigs for camouflage Bright red Tomato anemonefish, one of our favourites Demon Stinger Scorpionfish that walks on sand
Green flatworms about to mate Blue Ring Angelfish easily spotted at most sites Tioman's Glorious Sunsets...
  Another one of Tioman's Glorious Sunsets...  

All photos taken by Michelle or Jeffree on and around Tioman.

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